LBJ Band Audition Information

Welcome to the LBJ Band Program! We are excited to have you join our award winning organization. To place you into the band class in which you will be the most successful and have the best time, we ask that you perform a live audition for an LBJ band director. Auditions will be heard in May. Check the band calendar for dates.

Audition Information

  1. Major Scales  Please prepare all 12 major scales for your audition.
  2. Prepared Etudes  Perform the etude ‘cuts’ listed below. We encourage all students to perform each cut at whatever tempo allows you to best demonstrate your skills as a musician.
  3. Optional Solo  You are strongly encouraged to play an advanced solo excerpt of your choosing. This should showcase your abilities as a musician in order to help us get a full understanding of where you are in your musical development.
  4. Sight-Reading  Each student may be asked to sight read a short etude.

Sign-Ups – Google Drive link

All incoming woodwind, brass, and percussion students will choose an audition time slot on either May 6th or May 13th. Percussion auditions are on May 13th only. Click on the date below that works best for you.

Saturday, May 6 – Brass

Saturday May 6 – Woodwind

Saturday, May 13 – Brass

Saturday, May 13 – Woodwind

Saturday, May 13 – Percussion

Below are the etude cuts for each instrument. These etudes will be used for all incoming students auditioning for band placement at LBJ/LASA.

BRASS – audition music


LBJ Audition Music_Flute

LBJ Audition Music_Oboe

LBJ Audition Music_Clarinet

LBJ Audition Music_Bassoon

LBJ Audition Music_Saxophone


LBJ Audition Music_Snare Etude

LBJ Audition Music_Mallet Etude

LBJ Audition Music_Timpani Etude

JAZZ BAND – audition music